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A pretty patchwork posy of poinsettias

Submitted by Scott Simmons on Fri, 09/25/2015 - 15:06

From my Look What We Found Column, published in The Palm Beach Post:

What: A collection of quilts
Where: A Clewiston estate
How much: $400
Why theyʼre special: The quilts came from a beautiful home, and the family didnʼt know the quilts existed until they were clearing their motherʼs things as she was nearing her passing.
Unfortunately, most of the five quilts had been stored in a bare-wood closet that had left spots on the fabric that would not wash out.
But this poinsettia quilt, with its turkey-red leaves, survived blemish-free.
Each quilt is signed by its maker, an aunt of the family.
And each is beautifully quilted and appliquéd, with a near-maniacal attention to detail.
My friend Jan Norris, who belongs to the local quilt guild, said one quilt was in a Carolina Lily pattern. Another was in a rose pattern, and yet another was in a dogwood pattern. This quilt and that dogwood quilt were in patterns she had never seen.
I saw the poinsettia quilt, went to pieces and made an offer on the whole batch.
I think I picked a winner, donʼt you?

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